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Juicy Fruits

Posted on Sep 11, 2021 | 0 comments | 1,829 views

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Joana Bliss is in a state of bliss. Dressed for kitchen pleasure, foodie, vegan and all-around nature girl Joana has her pick of ripe fruit to choose from. She has bananas to put in her mouth and suck. (That’s a banana to be jealous of.) Oranges to squeeze so that the juice runs down over her work-of-art boobs into a glass. Watermelons to rub on her own natural melons. Joana must be a lot of fun to food shop with at her local farmers’ market.

Joana is the kind of girl who puts the romance in Romania. “I like to make a man feel my love,” Joana said. “I am playful and spontaneous. I like a man to make me feel the same way and to show me what feels genuine and real to me. The most important thing is to love and then the rest becomes perfect. Sex on the first date? If I am feeling it, then why not?”

Joana doesn’t go out dressed like a sex bomb. She tends to keep a low profile in public because she knows her super-voluptuous looks will attract too much attention and stares. What she has, other women dream of having.